The free-of-charge Converterz (plus referred to as Converterz malicious software) is a possibly unwanted application (PUP) whose setup might modify your Web browser’s default search[…]

The ‘Your Mac is massively inoperable! (33.2%)’ Pop-Ups (moreover referred to as PopUps) are harmful Web browser alerts that are aimed at deceiving users into[…]

The Pro Search Tip (in addition to that referred to as ProSearchTip) browser add-on is available for Google Chrome and Safari, and it pledges to[…]

Login Helper (additionally referred to as LoginHelper) is a browser add-on aimed at providing its people alongside a useful way to entry all of their[…]

RocketPC (in addition referred to as RocketPC malicious software) is an application tool intended to provide the people in bundles with entry to an straightforward-to-use[…]

CommentsPlus (in addition to that referred to as CommentsPlus malicious software) is a pup (PUP) proposed by Aztec Media. The objective of this software is[…]

The One Click Booster (additionally referred to as OneClickBooster) is an unpopular computer optimization program that could be proclaimed in packages with the aid of[…]

Why you ought to not trust the Adware.RelevantKnowledge.B ads? Adware.RelevantKnowledge.B is an advertisement-supported software that generally gets distributed in a bundle with additional free applications.[…]

Fileconvertor (in addition to that referred to as Fileconvertor malicious software) is a pc infection that is considered a hijacker. The reasoning for its group[…]

Maps2Go (additionally referred to as Maps2Go malicious software) is a potentially unwanted application (PUP) for pcs opening the Mac OSX. As the title of the[…]